Double Bond Pharmaceutical Staff


Igor Lokot, PhD


Also Member of the Board, Igor has a PhD in Bio-organic Chemistry and a wide experience in drug development. Igor is one of the founders of the pharmaceutical company Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB which is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.


Stellan Swedmark, PhD

Pre-clinical development

Stellan has 20 years’ experience from pharmaceutical industry at Astra/AstraZeneca, Biolipox, and Orexo in scientific expert roles such as Senior Manager and Principle Scientist and also various project roles such as Preclinical Coordinator. He has earlier worked with therapeutic areas such as pain control, CNS, respiratory and drug addiction. He is Associate Professor in Toxicology at Karolinska Institute and has a PhD in Genetic Toxicology at Stockholm University. Stellan is also one of the founders of Double Bond Pharmaceutical.


Jan Strömbom, MSc

Clinical development

More than 20 years’ experience of pre-clinical and clinical drug development from pharmaceutical industry and CRO at Pharmacia, Oasmia Pharmaceutical and Quintiles. Jan has worked in the following therapeutic areas: women's health, urology, diabetes, cardiovascular and, most recently, oncology.


Iulia Karlsson, PhD

Regulatory Affairs

Iulia is a newly graduated PhD within Medical Biosciences and a background in human and animal physiology, immunology and infection biology, as well as an extensive hands-on experience in clinical research.


Georg Kalbin, PhD

Technology development 

More than 30 years' experience both from academic research and from medical device industry.


Charlotte Karlsson, MSc

Quality Assurance

Charlotte has a strong background in Quality Assurance within the pharmaceutical field gained during her work as QA-team member at GE Healthcare. Her latest assignment as Analytical Service Manager (ASM) at Eurofins brought her into close collaboration with Quality Assurance specialists within the Environmental and Pharmaceutical fields. Besides being a crucial part of and running various projects, and handling customer and supplier issues, Charlotte has built a new system for handling of development projects.


Linda Rickardson, PhD

Preclinical Development, Regulatory Affairs

Former senior researcher at Chemilia AB with responsibility for planning and conducting biological experiments, Linda has a PhD in Pharmacology with focus on cancer drugs at Uppsala University. She has en extensive background as a researcher in preclinical drug development with a focus on oncology, both in academia and life science industry, and is now Preclinical Development and Regalutory Affairs Specialist at DBP.


Sayeh Erfan, MSc

Technical Operation, Regulatory Affairs

Former Discovery Chemist at Evotec OAI, Oxford, UK, and soon PhD in bio-organic chemistry at Uppsala University, Sweden, Sayeh has a Master's degree in medicinal chemistry from Stockholm University and has taken courses in public health and pharmacology at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Sayeh is now Technical Operation Manager and Quality Coordinator for Manufacturing at DBP.


Yu Cai, MSc

Ambassador in Greater China

With Master of Science in Bioentrepreneurship from jointly Karolinska Institutet, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), a Bachelor in Pharmaceutical analysis and nearly three years of practiced marketing and business development in Life Science industry in Sweden, Yu Cai has joined our team as Ambassador on Great China market.


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