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Proprietary platforms used by Double Bond Pharmaceutical enable us to provide the market with medicinal products with improved therapeutic profile. The effectiveness of our platforms has been demonstrated by the development of anticancer and antimicrobial products.

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150 years ago Alexander Wood developed the syringe for safe systemic administration of drugs. Now Double Bond Pharmaceutical has taken the development of targeted drug delivery to the next level.
In the approach of developing superior medicinal products, DBP has developed a platform called BeloGal® for safe transport of active drug substances directly to the site of action. The BeloGal® platform provides a radical increase of the therapeutic value of the treatment by selectively targeting the diseased organ(s) while simultaneously protecting the remaining healthy tissues of the body from toxic effects of the drugs.

The advantages of BeloGal® platform are:

  • Non-invasive treatment – BeloGal® -based products are designed for intravenous or subcutaneous administration. No catheters or visualization technique are necessary.
  • Highly therapeutically efficient products – the total dose of an administered drug is significantly reduced
  • Improved safety of the treatment – the BeloGal® approach implies protection of healthy organs from the toxic action of drugs

Double Bond Pharmaceutical is currently successfully expanding the BeloGal® platform to include the development of superior products for treatment of different types of cancer and bacterial infections.

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